Academic Studio

The instructional model is inspired by the best of arts instruction and emphasizes collaboration, project-based learning, interdisciplinary inquiry, creativity and mentorship by intellectuals who are experts in their fields. In our state-approved curriculum, students take one Integrated Sciences and one Integrated Humanities course each year, in addition to classes in foreign language, Health and PE, allowing them to graduate with a Louisiana High School Diploma. Academic Studio students are required to take and pass all of the same LEAP 2025 (and End-of-Course State) tests required of all public high school students in Louisiana, and they do so at the highest levels, with the Academic Studio regularly ranked among the top open-enrollment academic programs in Louisiana.

Louisiana State Department of Education ranks NOCCA in the top 98th percentile of Louisiana schools in support of African American students and in the top 99th percentile in support of Economically Disadvantaged students.

NOCCA Academic Studio has been Designated Grade “A” school in Louisiana

Academic Studio development and the renovation of the Chevron Forum at NOCCA has been graciously supported in part by: MCC Real Estate, Chevron, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, The Patrick Family Foundation, Goldring and Woldenberg Family Foundations, Solomon Family, Trafigura Foundation, RosaMary Foundation, Freeport McMoRan Foundation and the Richard C. Adkerson Foundation, James P. Raymond Jr. Foundation, Ella West Freeman Foundation, Coypu Foundation Trust, Zemurray Foundation, Selley Foundation, Edward G. Schlieder Foundation, Hearst Foundations, Joyce L. Schenewerk, Meraux Foundation, Libby-Dufour Fund, Hancock Whitney Bank, Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists, Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation, Ruth U. Fertel Foundation, Franciose Richardson, Reily Foundation and Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation.

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