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We are excited that you are interested in pursuing your arts training with us.

New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)  is a regional, professional arts training center that offers students intensive instruction in culinary arts, dance, media arts: filmmaking & audio production, music (classical, jazz, vocal), theatre arts (drama, musical theatre, theatre design), visual arts, and creative writing, while demanding simultaneous academic excellence.

NOCCA was founded in 1973, with doors opening in 1974, by a diverse coalition of artists, educators, business leaders, and community activists who saw the need for an institution devoted to our region’s burgeoning young talent. NOCCA’s track record over the past several decades speaks for itself: every year a remarkable 95 – 98% of NOCCA graduates go on to college and conservatory programs across the country. Furthermore, approximately 80% of NOCCA students receive scholarships to pursue such higher education. The key to NOCCA’s success is the ethic of discipline and responsibility it instills in students, which prepares them for productive adult lives whether or not they choose to pursue art careers. Admission to NOCCA’s tuition-free programs is by audition only.

Creativity requires exploration, evaluation, knowledge, discipline and risk-taking.  In turn, it embodies resilience, problem solving skills and a trust in the process of discovery that enables innovation.  NOCCA is founded on creativity and we again welcome you to explore your creative potential with our NOCCA community.

We invite you to read through the following NOCCA guiding principles before completing your application.

The NOCCA Vision
We believe in the transformative power of the arts. We aspire to create an educational community that nurtures and challenges young people to become more curious, kind, empathetic, engaged, and willing to grapple with complex problems in order to create a just, sustainable, and joyful world.

The NOCCA Mission
NOCCA’s mission is to provide a world-class, pre-professional arts education for every young person in Louisiana with the curiosity, creativity, talent and motivation to pursue a life in the arts as they realize the best possible versions of themselves and their futures.

The NOCCA Core Values
The Arts, Community, Creativity, Curiosity, Discipline, Diversity, Equity, Integrity

We are ready to help you navigate this unique admissions process.  Our annual application season takes place each fall for the following school year. Auditions take place each spring from applications received within the posted application deadline. 

Applicants may only apply to one discipline. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.

Please reach out to our Front Desk at any time for more information 504.940.2787 or [email protected].

If you have specific questions about your application please contact Leigh Traylor at 504.940.2825 or [email protected].

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