Jessie Wightkin Gelini

Chef Instructor Culinary Arts

Work Phone: 504-940-2858


Jessie is a native New Orleanian and a alumni of the Dance Department here at NOCCA. Jessie’s passion for food brought her to the University of Alabama where she studied Culinary Anthropology. She began her culinary education at the prestigious Commander’s Palace where she started at their shrimp peeler and after four years left as the Pastry Chef. Jessie also helped start the kitchen team at Bacchanal Wine and Taceaux Loceaux food truck. Passing on the traditions of her culinary roots is what Jessie is most passionate about. She left the kitchen to begin educating the youth of New Orleans on all things food. Her Culinary Teacher began at Edible Schoolyard and lead her back home to NOCCA. Jessie continues to cook as a private chef and events but her heart lies with education. A self proclaimed Food Explorer, she is enthusiastic about traveling the world through food. 

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