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Dr. Liliia Oliinyk

Faculty: Classical Vocal, Collaborative Pianist


Born to a family of music enthusiasts in Ukraine, Liliia quickly showed interest in piano, guitar, and singing. As a child she spent countless hours learning to play the piano by ear, playing tunes she heard her dad sing. By the age of six her parents had recognized her passion and she was enrolled in a local music school. During her studies in Ukraine, Liliia participated in and won numerous regional and national festivals and competitions, including the 2007 Bugaevsky National Piano Competition.

In 2008 Liliia’s passion for music brought her to the United States to pursue higher education, where she has earned three degrees: a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA, a Master’s Degree from the University of New Orleans in New Orleans, LA, and a Doctor of Music Arts Degree with a concentration in Piano Performance and Collaborative Piano from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Over the course of more than twenty five years she has studied under several internationally renowned musicians, including Valentina Gerasimenko, Tatiana Siytsova, Efym Vallerstein, Robin H. Williams, Ana Maria Otamendi, and Willis Delony.

As a recitalist, Dr. Liliia Oliinyk has performed in many concerts, festivals, and masterclasses across the US and Europe – including a recent participation in the Orvieto Music Festival in Orvieto, Italy – and has received coaching from Alexander Bonduriansky, Alan Chow, Nyela Basney, and Martin Katz.

Dr. Liliia Oliinyk joined NOCCA’s family in the Fall of 2021. Presently, she serves as Artist-Teacher and Collaborative Pianist for Classical Vocal department, and is delighted to work alongside Mrs. Phyllis Treigle and Mr. Mark-Anthony Thomas.

Currently residing in Louisiana, Liliia continues to perform locally as a soloist and collaborative pianist and is an avid advocate for the importance of outreach events and public performances in spreading the love of music.

For more info, visit http://www.liliiaoliinyk.com

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