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Maisha Joshua

Human Resources Director Administration & Staff
Home Phone: 504-940-2818


Maisha Joshua is a native of New Orleans.  She is completing her 8th year at NOCCA as the Human Resources Director.  As a graduate of Loyola University of New Orleans, Maisha has a wide range of professional experience in supporting her family’s  business for several years, working in a non-profit agency as the finance director and working directly with children in community based settings in New Haven, Connecticut.   With this wide range of experience, Maisha brings forward thinking, flexibility and responsiveness to the leadership team at NOCCA particularly when it comes to organizational management, her decision making is guided through her experience and thorough examinations of  policies and procedures to address staff concerns, support harmony, and establish best practices that can transform company culture.   As part of  NOCCA’s Leadership team, Maisha is committed to taking a broad view of human resources, not only supporting individual employees, but also working to ensure that departmental and management goals are in total alignment with the overall goals of the organization.

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