Frequently Asked Questions

How will a student be scheduled and notified of an audition?

Students are scheduled by Student Services for audition week. Students cannot request an audition date and time. Students receive a letter of their audition day and time.


How many arts disciplines can a student audition for?

Because of the intensity of the application and audition process, NOCCA recommends students to apply for one arts discipline. NOCCA recommends families to attend Open Studios and Audition Workshops to help them decide what arts discipline their student is the most passionate.


How will a student know if they are accepted to NOCCA?

Students are notified by mail of the accepted status. Registration packets will be sent in the summer, but a student should start preparing for registration upon receipt of the acceptance letter by discussing attendance options with the student’s academic school.


What is the tuition to attend NOCCA?

NOCCA is a tuition-free professional arts training institution. Students are required to pay an annual student fee determined by the departments supply needs. Financial assistance is available through a financial aid program provided by The NOCCA Institute, NOCCA’s philanthropic support organization.


What Partner School should a student attend to be able to also attend NOCCA?

NOCCA asks parents and students to discuss scheduling options with their academic schools once they have been admitted to NOCCA. NOCCA offers a wide range of attendance options to accommodate various partner school schedules but we cannot guarantee that an academic school will allow a student to attend NOCCA. We do not encourage parents and students to consider changing schools in order to accommodate NOCCA attendance.


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